Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to FBA Masterclass

    2. How To Navigate Through The Membership Portal - The RIGHT way

    3. FBA Masterclass Facebook Community

    4. Warning About Instagram Scammers Contacting Our Students

    5. LIVE Group Discussion Weekly Call Schedule

    6. Get Started Checklist

    7. What to Do Next!

    1. Secret Formula For Success

    2. Use This Mindset to Crush Your Amazon Business

    3. Just Copy Successful People

    4. Curiousity Mindset

    5. Never Ever Give Up

    6. Showing Up Every Single Day

    7. Obsessive Mind

    8. What is Failure

    9. Danger of Social Media

    10. Time Management Tips

    1. Overview of How Amazon FBA Works

    2. Amazon Anatomy

    3. Things You Need Before You Can Start Making Money on Amazon

    1. Best Business Structure for Your Amazon Business

    2. Brand Name vs Store Name vs Company Name

    3. USA - Business Set Up

    4. Canada/Other Country - Business Set Up

    5. How to Set Up A Business in BC, Canada

    6. Business Set Up - Quiz

    1. Bank Account Setup

    2. Setting Up OFX (Non-USA Students Only)

    3. Quiz - Bank Accounts

    1. Biggest Mistakes & Things To Avoid

    2. Amazon Seller Central Setup Walkthrough

    3. Amazon Seller Central Documentation Guidelines

    4. How To Set Up An Amazon Seller Central Account

    5. Quiz - Amazon Seller Central Setup

    6. FBA Glossary of Terms

    7. How to Contact Seller Support

    8. FAQ - Amazon Seller Central Setup

    9. Chapter 1 Wrap Up

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  • 272 lessons
  • 95.5 hours of video content