Course curriculum

    1. Starting Your Amazon Journey: The Essential Steps to Set Up Your Business and Start Selling

    2. Navigating LLC Formation: Exploring Methods and Optimal Setup Strategies with Zenbusiness

    3. Navigating LLC Formation Presentation

    4. Money Matters: The Essential Guide to Setting Up Banking Accounts and Currency Exchanges for Your Business

    5. The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Account Setup: How to Launch Your Business on the World's Largest Online Marketplace

    6. Brand Strategy for Amazon Sellers: Store Name vs. Brand Name - What You Need to Know

    7. Trademark and Brand Registry 101: How to Safeguard Your Business and Maximize Your Profits on Amazon

    8. Avoiding Common Pitfalls: The Ultimate FAQ and Red Flags Guide

    1. Maximizing Your Amazon Business with the Right Tools: Helium 10 vs. Viral Launch - Which One is Right for You?

    2. Helium10 Signup Link

    3. How Do I Install and Navigate the Helium10 Chrome Extension? An Introduction and Overview

    4. Exclusive Helium10 Discounts for FBA Masterclass Students

    5. Unlocking the Power of Helium10 with Bradley Sutton - Use it to Find Profitable Products Within Minutes!

    1. 20 Unit Challenge Intro

    2. The 20 Unit Challenge

    3. Intro to Picking a Product

    4. Last Warnings About Picking A Product

    5. Live Call Showing How to Pick a Product

    6. Intro to Product Offering

    7. Google Tips & Tricks

    8. Product Offering

    9. Live Call About Understanding Color & Product Offerings

    10. VIP:Diamond Check-In

    11. Intro to Sourcing on Alibaba

    12. How To Reach Out To Suppliers On Alibaba

    13. A Quick Way To Get Quotes

    14. Supplier Data Sheet

    15. Check in VIP:Diamond - Supplier Data Sheet

    16. Ordering 20 Samples From Your Supplier

    17. Avoid Buying Barcodes — Why, When, and How to Apply for GTIN Exemption on Amazon

    18. How To Create Your FNSKU / Creating Your First Listing

    19. How To Get & Apply Your FNSKU Label

    20. Copywriting

    21. How To Build Your Listing

    22. Introduction to Photos

    23. Photos 101 with Samantha

    24. Live Call About Photo Planning

    25. Creating Photos on - The Short Version

    26. Creating Photos on Canva Extended Version Part 1/2

    27. Creating Photos on Canva Extended Version Part 2/2

    28. Shipping your Products to Amazon — Differences for the 20 Unit Challenge vs Your Main Product

    29. Shipping Plan Intro

    30. How To Create/Delete A Shipping Plan (NEW WORK FLOW)

    31. How To Create A Shipping Plan & Shipping Labels

    32. Applying Your FNSKU & Shipping Labels

    33. Send your 20 Units to Amazon!

    34. PPC Planning Intro

    35. Introduction to PPC

    36. Basic Terms & Theory

    37. Auto vs Manual Campaign & Advertising Match Types

    38. PPC Launch Planning Guide

    39. Advertising on Amazon (PPC) Set Up

    40. Turn on PPC

About this course

  • 240 lessons
  • 37 hours of video content